France's Far-Right National Front, Germany's NPD Neo-Nazis, Hungary's Jobbiks and others Surge in European Parliamentary Elections

May 28, 2014
Right-Wing Groups Experience a Surge of Support Across Europe: Extremists Victorious in European Parliament Elections

Analysis and Overview by Dr. Shimon Samuels, Simon Wiesenthal Center's Paris-based Director of International Relations

Only hours after a terrorist murdered four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and a day after two people were attacked as they left Sabbath services in Paris, Europeans went to the polls to vote in the European Parliamentary elections. 

Photo: Greece's Golden Dawn flag

The newly-elected parliamentarians represent France's National Front, Greece's extremist Golden Dawn, Hungary's Jobbik, and for the first time a representative from the German NPD, neo-Nazi party. The core constituencies of these political parties are attracted by xenophobia, nativist nationalism, anti-immigrant rhetoric (especially against Muslims), and anti-Semitism.

Photo: BRUSSELS - Dr. Shimon Samuels addressing 23 Ambassadors of the 28 European Union countries in Brussels, where he warned of the coming backlash of extremist candidates. 
The case of the French National Front (FN) is more complicated. Its founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was condemned by courts on several occasions for blatant anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.  His daughter and successor, Marine Le Pen, walked away with 25% of the vote and sent shockwaves throughout France and the rest of Europe, with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls calling it a "political earthquake".
Below is the tally for the 77 MEP's (Members of the European Parliament) that the Simon Wiesenthal Center will be monitoring in the weeks and months to come:

Austria Freedom Party (gained 20% of the vote)
Denmark People's Party (gained 27% of the vote)
Finland Finns Party
France National Front (FN) (gained 25% of the vote)
Germany NPD neo-Nazi
Greece Golden Dawn neo-Nazi 
Hungary Jobbik neo-Nazi (gained 15% of the vote)
Italy Liga Nord
Netherlands Freedom Party
United Kingdom UKIP







Foreseeing the election outcome, on May 7th, Dr. Samuels requested that European Union Vice-President, Baroness Catherine Ashton:

• Condemn the entry of hatemongers into the European Parliament

• Launch an investigation into their sources of funding

• Urge the Parliamentary faction blocs to ostracize them

The Simon Wiesenthal Center will continue to vigilantly monitor the situation in France as well as throughout Western Europe, the Baltics, and beyond. Your support helps us to continue our critical work during this challenging time.