NEWS ALERT: SWC in the Philippines Offering Solidarity on Behalf of the Center's 400,000 member families

Currently in The Philippines for the pre-scheduled opening of the Center's traveling exhibition on the Shoah, "Courage to Remember”, SWC Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper, pictured below, met with Philippine government officials, police and religious leaders to express solidarity and friendship on behalf of the Center's 400,000 member families following the devastation of Typhoon Hayian.


With Philippine National Police Chief Director General Alan La Madrid Purisima at PNP Headquarters along with Israeli Ambassador Menashe Bar-On, who shared that Israel was sending top search and rescue and medical services to assist in disaster relief


With Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila offering condolences and concerns on behalf of the Wiesenthal Center's 400,000 families for the people of The Philippines

"We cannot stop a typhoon unleashed by Mother Nature but working together we can alleviate some of the horrific suffering brought by the typhoon,"  Rabbi Cooper told Philippine National Police, the National Security Advisor, the Archbishop of Manila, and top academics.

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