Wiesenthal Center: Latest Iranian UN 'Nuclear Disarmament' Stunt Confirms Regime's Capacity to Leverage Diplomatic Moves to Deflect Attention from their Rush to Cross Nuclear Threshold

November 5, 2013

'Short of military action, only tougher sanctions, not more talks, can force Tehran to back down’

The Simon Wiesenthal Center today derided an Iranian-sponsored resolution calling for nuclear disarmament that was passed by the UN General Assembly Resolution, even as their centrifuges continue to spin towards the nuclear point of no return. The resolution, which passed with 113 member states voting for it and 52 states—including the United States and Israel--voting against it, requires nuclear-armed countries to commit with "total transparency" to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.

“This diplomatic stunt comes almost simultaneously to a statement by Iran's Foreign Minister in Paris that Tehran is prepared to support calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Syria—never mind that they have dispatched thousands of their (and their Hezbollah lackey) forces to prop up Assad,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center, and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Center’s associate dean. “

“The sheer scope of the regime's chutzpah and its capacity to leverage diplomatic moves to deflect attention from their deeds, proves yet again, that the Iranians are master of the game of running the clock while they rush to cross the nuclear point of no return,” Hier and Cooper said. "Clearly, open-ended talks with Washington without the requirement for an immediate, verifiable end to Tehran's nuclearization are doomed to failure. We hope that these latest developments will convince the White House to immediately support the Iran sanctions bill currently in the Senate.

“Short of military action, only tougher sanctions not more ‘talks’ can force Tehran to back down,” they concluded.

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