Beslan School Massacre Commemoration Calls for Solidarity Platform of Mayors From Cities Targeted by Terrorism Attacks Against Children


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“International Children’s Agencies urged to endorse Centre’s designation of terrorism against children as a crime against humanity.”

Beslan, North Ossetia Caucasus, Russia, 3 September 2013

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, was invited by the Russian Holocaust Centre to keynote an international conference on “Children – Victims of Terror.” This was held, in Beslan and the Wladikavkaz State University, on the ninth anniversary of the 3-day siege of 1,100 hostages—including 770 children—at the Beslan school in North Ossetia Caucasus, Russia.

Beslan became known around the world in the wake of a Chechen suicide operation that killed over 186 children and over 100 parents, teachers and rescuers. This total number is unknown due to disappeared and burned bodies of hostages and terrorists.

Samuels highlighted the distortion of religious principles of the sanctity of human life and the duty to protect the child in the Jihadist inculcation of a culture of death. He also focused on the Nazi deliberate targeting of 1.5 million Jewish children, shot, starved and gassed.

Photo: Dr. Samuels with Mayor of Beslan, Ruslan Daurev

The Centre noted that 30 years before Beslan, a similar attack on a school in the Jewish-Arab Galillea town of Masalot-Tarshicka in Israel. Twenty-five children were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. More recently, a Jewish school was attacked by a Jihadist in Toulouse, France, leaving 4 dead.

Samuels discussed with the Mayor of Beslan, the Minister for Ethnic Policy (responsible for counter-terrorism) and the Vice-President of the Republic, the establishment of a solidarity platform of mayors from cities victims of terrorism against children.

The Centre will approach such cities to share the lessons and pain of these atrocities.
Similarly, all children’s welfare organizations from Save the Children to Oxfam, World Vision, Care and the Red Cross will be called upon to join the “Beslan Initiative” by endorsing the designation of terrorism against children as a crime against humanity.
“We hope that the 10th anniversary in September 2014, in the burnt out school memorial and the “City of Angels” cemetery will commemorate all child victims of terrorism around the globe in the presence of representatives from the targeted communities.

We believe that this global platform would be a powerful voice of outrage at such acts to strive together that Beslan, Maalot, Toulouse, and all other long-grieving cities serve as a warning and not a precedent,” concluded Samuels.

Read Dr. Samuels' keynote message to the conference here....

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