How Entertainers Are Bullied Into Not Performing In Israel

By Abraham Cooper & Harold Brackman

Israeli fans of golden oldies won’t be hearing Eric Burdon grind out his signature House of The Rising Sun. The lead Animals singer canceled his appearance, a victim of intimidation including death threats to stay away from the Jewish state.*

Photo:  A giant pig balloon emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David floating above the audience at concert of anti-Israel BDS supporter Roger Waters

Welcome to the ‘pro-peace’ bullies of the Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) campaign, a movement whose public face is a “nonviolent pressure to end the Occupation”—but whose thinly-veiled tactics range from “shunning” to threatening celebrities who refuse to cave to the ‘big lie’ that Israel is an ‘apartheid state.’

BDS’ fixation on celebrities into taking outlandish positions on the Mideast makes perfect sense. In our world, Celebrity=Media coverage.  continue reading full article...

*Editors Note: Since the publication of this Forbes op/ed, Eric Burdon has decided to go ahead with his show in Israel stating, "I'm not afraid to preform here and very happy to be back in Israel."

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