SWC Officials in Hungary: Demand Action on Anti-Semitism, Extreme Far-Right Party's Links to Iran, & Nazi War Criminal Justice

Hungarian politicians chided on anti-Semitism, war crimes suspect
March 6, 2013

BUDAPEST, Hungary (JTA) -- An American Jewish organizational leader met with Hungarian political leaders to express concern about growing anti-Semitism in the country.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (R) in Los Angeles, and Shimon Samuels, head of the Paris office of the Wiesenthal Center (L), met in Budapest with Hungarian Deputy Foreign Minister Zsolt Németh and Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics (C).

"My presence here in Budapest is to deliver a message of concern over the increasing anti-Semitism in Hungary,” Cooper told JTA. He said a number of issues triggered his visit, among them a lack of progress on bringing Hungarian Nazi war criminal László Csatáry, 98, to justice. Csatáry is currently under house arrest in Budapest.

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Prosecution of War Criminal Laszlo Csatary Litmus Test For Holocaust Memory and Commitment to Contain Today's Extremists

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