SWC eResponse: "No civilized society would allow its citizens to be under a constant barrage of rockets without responding..." Rabbi Marvin Hier


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November 2012

LOS ANGELES - At a press conference Rabbi Marvin Hier said: "In the long history of the United Nations, they (the UN) have had no problem condemning Israel, but not once have they unequivocally condemned the terrorist organizations like Hamas, who have been responsible for most of the bloodshed that has occurred in the Middle East for the last decade. Why is it that they can’t see what is so obvious to the entire world, that no civilized society would allow its citizens to be under a constant barrage of rockets without responding and putting a stop to it once and for all. Now is not a time for another so-called 'blaming both sides' UN resolution. Now is a time to tell the world that Hamas and only Hamas is responsible for what has happened.


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North America: It is No Dream: The Story of Theodor Herzl narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley and starring Christoph Waltz as the voice of Theodor Herzl Screening in Toronto, Sarasota
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Obama 2.0 -- Israelis' hopes and fears 

By Rabbi Abraham Cooper -  November 07, 2012  -   FoxNews.com

The morning after President Obama’s re-election, Israelis still wake up in a very tough neighborhood. And while the president said as recently as the last debate with Mitt Romney—that he has Jerusalem’s back, citizens of America’s only reliable democratic ally in the Middle East are worried.
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