Wiesenthal Centre Protests to Moroccan Culture Minister on Anti-Semitism at Casablanca Book Fair and Urges that Exhibitors be banned from 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair

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"These poisonous texts threaten remnant Jewish communities in the Arab world"

"Year after year, these publishers return to Frankfurt...The Book Fair's indifference to hate can render it complicit in the consequences"

Paris 13 March, 2012

In letters to Moroccan Culture Minister, Mohammed Amine Sbihi and
Frankfurt Book Fair Director, Jurgen Boos, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, exposed publishers promoting anti-Semitism at the 18th SIEL (Salon International de l'Edition et du Livre) which recently ended in Casablanca.

Samuels recalled, "The role played by H.E. Mohammed VI's grandfather, King Mohammed V, in defending his Jewish citizens from the colonial laws of Vichy France during World War II," continuing, "for that reason, we bring to your attention the anti-Semitic book displays at the 18th SIEL Book Fair, which recently ended in Casablanca. The SIEL is billed as the most important Book Fair in the Middle East and North Africa, carrying major influence on readers and public opinion, especially among youth."

"Not only do such poisonous texts threaten remnant Jewish communities in Morocco and across the Arab world," he added, "they can only endanger the moderate Moroccan monarchy which is targeted by the same hatemongers."

The letter charged that offenders regurgitated the all-purpose conspiracy theories and default excuse for the region's woes - the myth of the omnipotent Jew - with covers iconizing Hitler and fixating on the Talmud and the Mossad, etc."

Samuels pointed out, "The worst such texts were displayed on the
Stands of Egypt and that of Syria" (see photos attached):

- Dar al Kitab al Arabi, Egypt (a consortium of Arab publishing houses)
(Stand D49):

Photo D49a below:
Right: "The Talmud: Secrets and Facts"
Left: "The Leaders of Zion: Documents, Pictures, Confessions", Magdi Kamal






Photo D49c below:
Right: "Mein Kampf: A New Approach to the Memoirs of Adolf Hitler",
Farid al Falouji
Left: "The Other Face of Adolf Hitler", Farid al Falouji and Hassan Hamadi






D49d below: "The Protocol of the Elders of Zion", Mansour Abdul Hakim






D49f below: "Exposing Zionist Plots to Control the World"







D49g below: "Talmud Secrets in the Jew's Character"








D49h below: Left: "Facts About the Secret Ties Between Zionism and Nazism",
Abdul Karim al Falouji, Al Maatsouat, Beirut




D49i below: "The Seventh War Brings Closer the End of the Jews and the
Destruction of the State of Israel"




-Dar Afak (with Dar Kalimaz, Dar Ain, Kanouz) Egypt (Stand C27-2)

C27-2a below: "The Holocaust: The Gate to Eternity of the People of Zion",
Isam Abdul Fitah, Kanouz







C27-2b below: "Mein Kampf : Memoirs of Adolf Hitler", Kamal Fouad, Nour







C27-2c below: Upper row right: "The Commanders of the Mossad"
Upper row middle: "Secrets of Espionage: Mossad and Shin Beth", Housam
Upper row left: "Mein Kamf"
Middle row right: "Mossad Assassinations of Leaders and Religious
Scholars", Hamad Imam, Kanouz
Middle row middle: "The Stone on the Chess Board", Kanouz
Middle row left: "The Commander Machiavelli", Kamal Fouad
Lower row right: "Secrets of the Death Circle in Israel: Mossad"
Lower row left: "The Cold War - Domination of Satan", Kanouz












- Dar al Haram, Egypt (Stand D69):

D69a below: "The Star of David = the Swastika"




-Dar al Awail, Syria (Stand D75):

"Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (Photography not permitted)
The presence of this stand is even more odious in view of the current governmental massacres of their own people.

The same information was shared with Frankfurt Book Fair Director, Jurgen Boos, which the Wiesenthal Centre annually monitors. Samuels urged him to "blacklist these publishers from participating in the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair as they violate European Union and Council of Europe provisions against racism, German policy towards the Arab world, these exhibitor's contractual terms with the Fair and your own commitment to prevent such incitement."

The Centre lamented, "Year after year, our Centre protests the behaviour of the same recidivist publishing houses, without any effective action taken to prevent recurrence."

"Should they be present, once again this October, we can only conclude that the Fair remains indifferent, and thus can be rendered complicit in the consequences," concluded Samuels.

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