As the World Commemorates International Holocaust Memorial Day, Watch Shocking Iranian Anti-Semitic Video Mocking The Six Million

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January 26, 2012

Tomorrow, January 27th, diplomats at the United Nations and leaders across Europe will gather for International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

But the international community must go beyond solemn moments of silence and begin to speak out against global anti-Semitism, including Iran's State-sponsored Holocaust denial campaign that  denigrates the victims of the Shoah, demonizes the Jewish people and the State of Israel. 

That campaign includes animated videos based on a notorious 2008 Iranian book of Holocaust denial cartoons whose preface brazenly seeks to “denounce the conspicuous lie of the ‘planed [sic] murder of 6 million Jews during the Second World War’ allegedly called ‘Holocaust’."

In recent days, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has succeeded in getting YouTube to remove most of these anti-Semitic and Holocaust denial animated video cartoons from its link on an Iranian website – watch videos

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has also:

Called upon UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other leaders to use the International Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations to denounce the Iranian regime's Holocaust denial campaign

Alerted Facebook about a vicious bigot in Tehran promoting violence against Jews - his page was immediately removed

Generated public awareness through a series of op-eds and news releases in the US and Europe

History confirms that left unchallenged, anti-Semitic libels ultimately ignite anti-Jewish acts. Thirty-five years after the Simon Wiesenthal Center was created to fight anti-Semitism and preserve the memory of the Shoah our work never been more critical.

Please help the Center to effectively meet this unprecedented challenge so that we can continue fighting anti-Semitism, Holocaust revisionism and denial.


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