SWC: Suspend US Aid, Military Training if PA and Hamas Form One Government

April 28, 2011

The Obama Administration should suspend aid and military training to the Palestinian Authority, if the announced reconciliation with Hamas brings the terror group into the national Palestinian government.

“Hamas is nothing if not honest, from their Jew-hating Founding Charter to suicide terror and rockets targeting Israeli school children, their aim is to destroy the State of Israel,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, dean and founder and associate dean of the the leading Jewish Human Rights NGO. “No one wants peace more than the  people of Israel, but Israelis do not want a return to days of daily homicide bombers in their cities and no Israeli government, left, right or center can agree to any scenario that allows Hamas to operate from the West Bank and East Jerusalem.”

 “We know that many Europeans tout this development as a breakthrough for peace. Indeed, President Abbas claims to have the backing of France’s President Sarkozy for his deal with Hamas. But anyone familiar with the history of World War II knows that the Free French would not, under any circumstances have ever joined ranks with the Vichy fascists.”

“To foster a workable two-state solution President Obama should not be pressuring Israel, but Mahmoud Abbas to start living up to previous agreements and to return to face-to-face talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The American taxpayer should not be asked to pay the bill for President Abbas’ decision to sanitize Iran-backed Hamas,“ Wiesenthal Center officials concluded.

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