A Jewish Response to the Anti-Israel Film: "With God on our Side"

A Jewish Response to the Anti-Israel Film "With God on our Side"

Since the estalblishment of the State of Israel, one of the strongest and most reliable sources of support for the Jewish State is the evangelical Christian community. Enemies of Israel have recently targeted that community, asking evangelicals to reject the idea of Christian Zionism.

A film has been making the rounds of evangelical strongholds, making a strong emotional argument built on lies, distortion, and in some cases, a return to the old notion that the Jews of the Bible have been "replaced" by the new Jews (i.e. Christians), and therefore have no claim to the Land or Biblical prophecy. It also features one voice deemed by many non-Jews who have followed his words as anti-Semitic.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center joined with the Los Angelels Board of Rabbis and the LA Jewish Federation to produce a thorough repudiation of "With G-d On Our Side." People who interact with thinking Christians need to know about it, and to use it effectivley to counter the monstrous distortions of this anti-Israel film.

A response to the film 'With God on Our Side'