Solidarity with Embattled Communities Worldwide, Fighting anti-Israel Bias at the UN & Protesting Neo-Nazi Marches

March 17, 2011

Murderous attack on the Fogel family – Where is the United Nations?

"Where is the United Nations and the Security Council, always so eager to pass resolutions condemning Israel? When will they have the courage to pass the first UN resolution condemning Islamic terrorism and continuous incitement and hatred of Jews?"   –Rabbi Marvin Hier

Center officials called on the UN to act following the murder of innocent members of the Fogel family, parents Udi and Ruthi Fogel, Yoav, their 11 year-old son, Elad, their four year-old son and 3 month-old daughter Hadas, who were brutally murdered in their Itamar home on the West Bank

SWC solidarity with people of Japan

“On behalf of the 400,000 members of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, we extend our solidarity with our friends and the people in Japan in their greatest hour of need... we urge our members to participate in supporting relief efforts through all appropriate agencies…”   
Rabbis Hier and Cooper

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has sent a message of solidarity and support in both English and Japanese to the people of Japan while at the same time urging its members to participate in the relief effort

Anti-Israel Film Screened at the UN
”…when the General Assembly Hall was used for the first time to screen a pro-Palestinian film, this marked another sad day in the 63-year-old history of the UN's bias against the state of Israel…Now the UN wants to extend the anti-Israel bias to the cultural and arts world as well.” – Rabbi Marvin Hier

After a screening at the United Nations General Assembly of Miral, a film directed by noted American director Julian Schnabel that portrays an anti-Israel view of the Mideast conflict, the Center protested the UN’s anti-Israel bias

Safeguarding and Standing with Threatened Jewish Communities

“…Jews are a primary target for hate crimes and terrorists…” - Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Following a spate of recent of anti-Semitic intimidation and threats in Malmo, Simon Wiesenthal Center officials returned to Sweden to meet with key political, Jewish and Muslim leaders (pictured), and top law enforcement officials Read more...

Neo-Nazi marches in Vilnius & Riga: “The worst type of anti-Semitic incitement”
“Such demonstrations… are especially insulting to the country’s Jewish citizens, many of whom are Holocaust survivors. To see hundreds of young people marching with Lithuanian flags and swastikas down the main avenue of the capital of a member of the European Union and NATO is enough to send shivers down the spine of any person with a knowledge of Lithuanian history during the years 1941-1945 ...”
 – Dr. Efraim Zuroff

The Center harshly criticized the failure of the Lithuania’s political, intellectual, and religious leadership to condemn two separate neo-Nazi marches in Vilnius and Riga by neo-Nazis and members of the Waffen-SS in the last few days

As the festival of Purim approaches, we, at the Simon Wiesenthal Center continue to be vigilant by standing with threatened Jewish communities around the world, confronting anti-Semitism, Holocaust revision, and fighting against the delegitimization of Israel.

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