eResponse: Digital Terrorism, anti-Jewish hate, Nazi war criminal indicted, Egypt and more

Volume 32, Issue 2 - February 2011

New York - The SWC released its 2011 Digital Terrorism & Hate Report at the Museum of Tolerance New York  before a group of New York Police Department Officers. Findings in this latest report point to the escalating online threats against religious minorities in the Middle East and more.

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International Music Council-UNESCO Prize should be stripped from Iconic Greek Composer for his overt anti-Semitism

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Dutch Parliament Considers Banning Kosher Slaughter

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Indictment of convicted but unpunished Hungarian Nazi war criminal welcomed

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SWC: US & EU Support for Arab NGOs should be linked to reversing pervasive anti-Jewish hate


UC Irvine-One Year Later: Exclusive Interview with Orange County District Attorney who is pursuing watershed prosecution of protesters who blocked Israeli ambassador’s speech




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Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny
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Ending Demonization of Jews Must Be Part of Egypt's Democratic Aspirations
By Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Let's face it. The people's revolt in the streets of Egypt caught everyone by surprise and so-called experts and pundits are still scrambling to contextualize it and prophesy about the nation's future.

But the 18-day drama proved that revolutions are messy -- even ones birthed on Google and sustained by Facebook and Twitter. Ask CNN's Anderson Cooper or FOX News' Gregg Palkot, who were among the journalists attacked in Tahrir Square.
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