SWC Calls Upon Germany to Open Secret Service Files on Nazi War Criminals and Bring Hereto “Protected” Holocaust Perpetrators Faber and Kam to Justice`

January 31, 2011

Jerusalem-The Simon Wiesenthal Center called upon the German authorities to make a final effort to bring to justice two convicted but unpunished Nazi war criminals living in Germany and to open the files of the BND (German Secret Service) regarding the postwar escape of notorious Holocaust perpetrators. In an op-ed piece published today in the important German daily Sűddeutsche Zeitung, the Center’s chief Nazi-hunter Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff noted the recent revelations which indicate that the BND knew of the whereabouts of arch Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann long before his capture in Argentina by Israeli Mossad agents, as proof of the significance of the files to which access has hereto been blocked. In addition, he emphasized the unresolved cases of Dutch Nazi SS executioner Klaas Carl Faber (living in Ingolstadt, Bavaria) and Danish SS officer Soern Kam (Kempten, Bavaria), both of whom were convicted in their countries of origin for murder, but have hereto eluded justice after escaping to Germany and being granted German citizenship.

According to Zuroff:

The visit to Israel today by Prime Minister Merkel and members of the Cabinet
is an excellent opportunity to thank Germany for its improved record in bring Nazi war criminals to justice, but also to point to two important issues which require the attention of the German government. We very much hope that Faber and Kam, both of whom committed hands-on murder in the service of the Nazis, will not escape punishment and that the critical files on the postwar escape of major Nazi war criminals will finally be opened to historians and researchers.

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