Simon Wiesenthal Center Statement on the tragic events which took place in Tucson, AZ this past weekend

“The 400,000 constituent families of the Simon Wiesenthal Center join with all Americans in mourning the innocent victims murdered and maimed during the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords.

We join in prayer for the full recovery of the Congresswoman and others wounded by the gunman,” said Wiesenthal Center Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

“We have full confidence in our law enforcement and legal system’s ability to see that justice will be done in this case. The Wiesenthal Center denounces efforts by extremists to pour salt on the wounds of our nation at this time of great sorrow. We are enraged by the announcement by the so-called Westboro Church that has announced their 'members' plan to picket the funeral of a nine year old girl. Their hateful agenda is beneath contempt," Rabbi Cooper concluded.