**READ UPDATE ON THIS STORY** Wiesenthal Center Urges Unilever to Cancel Japanese Ad Campaign Featuring Nazi Death’s Head Uniform


Read Unilever CEO Letter of Apology to SWC's Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper



December 28, 2010

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is calling on Unilever to drop a Japanese ad campaign for its Ponds Cream that features a woman dressed in a Nazi SS uniform, replete with the notorious “Totenkopf" (death’s head) symbol. The campaign could be seen on billboards in subways and other prominent locations throughout Japan.

In a letter to Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever and Michael Treschow, Unilever’s Chairman, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Los Angeles-based Wiesenthal Center, expressed outrage at the use of the SS uniform. “As you know, the SS were Hitler’s murderous shock troops who wrought murder and mayhem across occupied Europe and whose members ran all of the concentration and death camps where millions of innocent Jews and other Europeans were tortured and slaughtered,” he wrote, adding, “It is almost beyond comprehension why anyone would seek the find the esthetic within the history’s worst evil.”|

Rabbi Cooper urged the Unilever executives to immediately cancel the campaign and advised that the company’s representatives and advertising executives in Japan receive a basic education about WWII and the Nazi Holocaust.

Last month, Don Quijote, the Japanese retail chain, removed Nazi uniform costumes from its shelves following a protest by the Wiesenthal Center.

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