::SWC SPECIAL NEWS UPDATE:: Shalit Freed; Activist Escapes Libya Amidst Anti-Semitic Threats; Occupy Wall Street: 'Wall Street Jews' as 'Hitler’s Bankers'


Gilad Shalit Freed: Rabbi Hier addresses Los Angeles Jewish & Political Leadership

Tears of Joy Mixed With Bitter Tears of Sorrow – read Rabbi Abraham Cooper's Fox News op-ed


“This book saved my life…I’m Jewish, I have my dignity…I’m not running away”
Yom Kippur in Libya: Jewish activist escapes amidst anti-Semitic threats – watch full interview with Dr. Gerbi

'Wall Street Jews' as 'Hitler’s Bankers,' angry shouts of “Kill/Screw Google Jews”; Occupy Wall Street Movement must repudiate anti-Semites in their ranks


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