Rabbi Hier Addresses Gathering of Jewish & Political Leaders Commemorating Gilad Shalit’s Release

Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC Dean and founder addressed a crowd of Jewish and political leaders who gathered in Los Angeles to commemorate the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

“This is a moment of great joy for not only Gilad Shalit and his family but for the whole Jewish world.  This is also a time of reflection.  Can anyone think of a single country in the world that would let escape 1,027 murderers and terrorists for a single soldier?"

We are currently celebrating the festival of Sukkot.  The Sukkah has always been subject to the whims of the weather and political trends as well. But there is one message to the world: For 3,500 years the Jewish people have lived under such conditions of uncertainty and have not only survived but thrived. No enemy has ever or will ever defeat that.”

PHOTO: Rabbi Marvin Hier, at the Los Angeles gathering of Jewish & PoliticalLeaders commemorating Gilad Shalit’s release sponsored by the Lo Angeles Jewish Federation and the Israeli Consulate.