SWC Launches National TV Campaign on CNN, Fox to Air for Duration of UN General Assembly Vote

New York • Los Angeles • Washington DC • Chicago •
South Florida • Toronto 
6:00 p.m. – midnight        CNN, Fox News & CITY TV-Canada 
watch video below

The Center's simple but compelling 'Six Words' campaign drives home the point that Israel must be recognized as a Jewish State and that Arab nations must accept the legitimacy of a Jewish neighbor. Every diplomat, head of state, member of the media and opinion maker must see this ad which will be airing on television through the duration of the General Assembly vote. 

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We need your help.  It is vital that we keep this 'Six Words' campaign going so our ad can be seen in additional markets around the world. With your generous support, we can make it happen.  Israel must be recognized as a Jewish State.

Help us stand up for the legitimacy of Israel and the Jewish people today by supporting the SWC’s 'Six Words' Campaign.