Next Week: SWC in Action at the UN + How 6 Words Can Help Bring Peace

United Nations Headquarters, New York

Next week the United Nations is slated to vote to approve the Palestinian Authority's unilaterally declared Palestinian State.

But, to date, Palestinian and other Arab leaders still refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. Join with us as the Simon Wiesenthal Center goes to the UN to stand in solidarity with Israel.

Next week at the UN:

•Senior SWC officials from three continents will launch an international ad

Watch Rabbi Marvin Hier explain how six words can help bring peace to the Middle East

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campaign at a major press conference, one block from UN Headquarters. 

•Our team, which met with government leaders in 20 countries in Europe and the Americas will continue our efforts in face-to-face meetings.

•We will participate in protests against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presence in the US.

•We will monitor the 10th anniversary “celebration” of the so-called Durban Anti-Racism Process, which in 2001 spawned the worst public anti-Semitic diatribes since World War II.

What can you do?

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This is a time for all of usled by activists like you to protect the good name of Israel and the Jewish people. Join us!

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