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 August 25, 2011      


Terror Attacks in Southern Israel Underscores Growing Need for Defensible Borders;
UN Members Urged to Vote against Unilateral Palestinian State

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Analysis: Palestinian Terror Attacks in Southern Israel 
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UNITED STATES: Delta Air/Saudi Controversy: After Meeting at SWC, Delta Formally Declares: “We will not request … religious affiliation”

ISRAEL: Knesset approves Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance plan; see related story: Land Authority accuses Islamic Movement of planting fake graves in Jerusalem

ARGENTINA: On 17th anniversary of AMIA attack, Argentina should denounce, not embrace Iran's 'Offer to Cooperate'

UNITED STATES: Death Camp Survivors' personal pleas fail to sway Facebook to change Holocaust-denial policy
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URUGUAY: Wiesenthal Centre leads call on Uruguay to expel Iranian diplomat
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HUNGARY: Nazi war criminal Kapiro is acquited; a miscarriage of justice insulting the memory of the 1,246 victims of the Novi Sad Massacre


UNITED STATES: YouTube urged to remove all bomb-making related videos after new White House report on countering domestic extremist violence acknowledges use of social media by extremists 


A Historic Mission to Paris, Basel & Jerusalem
November 9 - 20, 2011

Be a part of history! Join the Simon Wiesenthal Center when we travel to the birthplace of modern Zionism and meet with world leaders, diplomats, dignitaries and scholars to discuss the crucial issues facing world Jewry and the State of Israel.

Attend the world premiere of the Center’s newest documentary, It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl in the same hall where Herzl launched the movement that changed the course of Jewish destiny.
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September 22, 2o11
Friends of SWC Goes to Washington, D.C.

Connect with political leaders, receive briefings from influential political advisors, learn first-hand about the issues that affect our lives in the US, Canada and around the world and experience a private tour of "State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda" at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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Exclusive SWC YouTube Interviews with Renowned International Experts

Richard Chesnoff
Khadaffi's Last Move?

Ehud Yaari
Iran's Gaza Gambit

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One of the 'most-read' pieces in the "Features + Faces" Section:
London Riots ... Could L.A.'s Jay Goldinger Hold the Key to Defeating Homelessness?
By Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Amidst the din surrounding the global economic meltdown, Americans might be excused if we haven’t paid too much attention to the youthful rioters roiling London and other British cities.

Still only a fool would shrug their shoulders at the images of a new blitz brought on not by high-flying bombers but text- messaging thugs making a mockery of British Police.

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