Eighth Year of Wiesenthal Centre Chasing Hate from the Frankfurt Book Fair

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Paris, 8 October 2010

In his report to Frankfurt Book Fair Director, Jurgen Boos, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, Dr.Shimon Samuels, noted that "this is the 8th Year that the Simon Wiesenthal Centre monitors incitement to hate and violence on the display stands of this, the most important and largest book fair in the world". (This year, 7533 exhibitors from 111 countries over 172000 sq.m. of display area, receiving over 300000 visitors).

Samuels noted that the Director had always stressed his "commitment to promoting international standards, best practices and respect”.

The report revealed that "despite the continued industrial production and domestic sale of antisemitic and conspiracy theory volumes in Turkey – even available at the Istanbul airport – it was your intervention, based upon our report, that has resulted in caution on the part of all 24 of the Turkish stands."

Samuels added that "a representative of Turkey's Publishers’ Association, informed me that they were 'warned not to breach their exhibitor contracts by displaying hate literature that could be illegal under German law'”.

The Centre lamented that "unfortunately, this caution was not reflected on the Iranian and Arab stands listed below (see photos below).

The exhibitor explained the content of each of these childrens' text as propoganda arms of resistance.

The shelves of this stand are replete with propaganda and glorification of violence.

This very elegant stand, through lithographs and poetry presents such documents decorated with Stars of David, tanks, bombs, - apparently, thus subliminally transmitting a message of incitement propoganda.

Photo #1800
Five books: from left on Al Ahram Establishment – Cairo stand Hall 5.O.A920:
-"Nazis in Cairo – Danger?", Mohammed Tarut -"Development of Israel-Indian Relations and Arab Security", Ameen Shaaban Ameen, Al Mahrissa, Cairo, 2010 -"The Mossad and The Assassination of the Arab Ulema",Yusef Hassan Yusef -"The Mossad – The Hidden Aspect", Dr. Yusef Hassan Yusef, Al- Nafeeda Library -"The Life of the Israelites in Egypt between Religion and historical Facts", Hisham Saraya, 2010

Photo #1813
Photo 1813:

- The Fingertips of Death, Raid al Azawi, AL Dar al Massiah Al Lubnanieh
- Cairo Hall 5.O. A915

Photo #1815
Photo 1815:

”Kerbala Sahidi” – an Iranian, Turkish language DVD documentary glorifying “Shaheed” martyrdom through suicide terrorism, Ahlul Bayt World Assembly – Tehran Hall 3.O.A 940.

Photo #1816

Photo #1820

Photo 1820:

Three military books for adolescents transmitting the same message as above.
ISCU Iran Publishers Hall 5.O.A 953

Photo #1823
"The New Zionists - A Never Ending Mission", Nasir bin Muhamed al-Zumal, Al Rushd Publishing House, Riyadh, 2006 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stand Hall 5.OA916

Photo #1825


Photos 1825, 1826:

Tameer Institute for Community Education, Ramallah, five books, Hall 5.O.D 913 -"My Codename is a Butterfly", Allam Sharaf, 2009 -"The Picture", Najla Attala, 2010 -"On a Cafe Pavement", Sallah Tawfiq, 2010 -" A Small Light", Ghida Alhassi, Gaza, 2010 -" Dream of the Thin Boy", Ahmad Shukheir, 2010

Photo #1826

Photo #1827

Photos 1827, 1828, 1842:

Deutsch-Palästinensische Gesellschaft, Rhein-Main, Offenbach, Hall 5.O.D915 -“Endure, Endure, Al Aqsa – Oh to Eliminate…”
-“The bleeding eyes and bleeding hands should know – the night will vanish and the chains will disappear – fight for the freedom of the
prisoners: Palestinian Ministry for Prisoner Affairs, 2010 (a bumper-sticker).

Photo #1828

Photo #1839
Photo 1839:

Editions Al-Manar, Neuilly, France, Hall 4.1.N 513

Photo #1842

Photo #1847

Photo 1847:

“The Great Operation”, Ahmad Arabloo, Shahed Government Publishers, Books of I.R. Iran, Hall 3. O. K 361 A military book for adolescents which portrays the Iran-Iraq war as a battle for the paramountcy of Shiah over Sunna, glorifying hate and violence.

Samuels emphasised that "these stands are chronic annual recidivists, who have ignored previous warnings that their publishers and exhibitors are in violation of their contractual obligations to the Frankfurt Book Fair".

The Centre urged Boos "to see that the German authorities adopt the same measures as were successfully taken with Turkey: first to confiscate the above-mentioned offensive texts and to unambiguously blacklist their respective exhibitors from participation in the 2011 Fair".

"If the “Turkey response” is effectively applied, I am hopeful that, at the next Fair, I will be able to report that there is nothing to report".

For further information contact Dr. Shimon Samuels on 0033(0)609770158

Use this link to read Dr. Samuels' report to Frankfurt Book Fair Director, Jurgen Boos...