Queers against Israeli Apartheid March in Toronto Gay Pride Parade

Leaders of the organized Jewish community have banded together to condemn the sudden and unexpected decision by Pride Toronto to prohibit the phrase ‘Israel apartheid’ in the Gay Pride parade.

Joining Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre in denouncing Pride’s caving in to the bullying tactics of 'Queers against Israeli apartheid' (Quaia) and their supporters are Canadian Jewish Congress, Canada-Israel Committee and the UJA.

“We are astonished that Pride Toronto has once again abdicated its leadership role and decided to allow parade participants to decide for themselves if their messages comply with the City of Toronto’s Anti-discrimination policies.

Allowing messages of hate and creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust is in no way in keeping with a joyous celebration of gay rights,” said Avi Benlolo, President and CEO of FSWC.

“The parade has been hijacked by anti-Israel agitators and is turning into a staging ground for antisemites rather than gay rights,” he added.

Kulanu Toronto, representing the city’s gay Jewish community, insists it will not give in to intimidation tactics and asks the Jewish community to join them in marching in the July 4 parade.

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