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Volume 31, Issue 2 - February 2010

Hypocrisy and lies fuel enemies of a
Jerusalem museum

New York Daily News op/ed by Rabbi Marvin Hier

"You may have read reports that opponents of a new Museum of Tolerance being built in Jerusalem, having lost unanimously in the Israel Supreme Court, are now taking their case to the United Nations - accusing the Wiesenthal Center I founded of building our museum on the historic Mamilla Muslim Cemetery."

"This is a slander - and a completely hypocritical one at that." 
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Thousands Sign Protest to Top Leadership of Presbyterian Church (USA)
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SWC: “Hezbollah Terrorist Posters and Banners at UNIFIL South Lebanon Barrack Violates UN Mandate”
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First Minister of Wales Jones: "It is an honour that ‘Against the Tide’ is having its UK premiere in Wales...
"Courage: The Vision to End Segregation. The Guts to Fight for it." Exhibition at the Museum of Tolerance

Toronto: Friends of SWC leadership at world premiere of "Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny"

SWC Chief-Nazi Hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff Awarded State Decoration by Croatian President Stjepan Mesić

Wiesenthal Center Protests Goldstone's New York University Lecture
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Moriah Films' newest documentary, "Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny"
L-R: SWC Dean and Founder Rabbi Marvin Hier, film's narrator Ben Kinglsey and SWC Moriah Films' Executive Producer and "Walking With Destiny" Director Richard Trank .


Spend Passover in Arizona with Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper who are featured Scholars-in-Residence at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Spa.

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Dear Friends,

Below is the speech, Goldstone Report and Lawfare’s Anti-Israel Theological Twin, that I delivered at the 2010 Jerusalem Conference:

Palestinians and their supporters have launched new campaigns to delegitimize the Jewish State. As Palestinians know they cannot defeat Israel militarily, neither in conventional battle nor even in asymmetrical terrorist warfare, they have unleashed a multi-pronged campaign to wound and weaken, and cause irrecoverable damage, politically, morally and economically.
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