Important Update: Toronto International Film Festival Begins this Week


September 8, 2009

We reported to you on Friday, "A New Front Against Israel has been Launched at the Toronto International Film Festival". Here are the latest developments in the more than 65 actors, writers and directors who have protested the Toronto International Film Festival's recognition of Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary. The festival runs September 10th - 19th.

Jane Fonda Joins Boycott of Toronto Film Festival over Homage to Israel


Leftist filmmaker urges Israeli artists to boycott Toronto Fest


Tiff over Tel Aviv films grows - Simon Wiesenthal Center defends Toronto fest's choice for program, lambastes protesting artists


Rabbi slams celebs for festival boycott

The Toronto protest is just the latest front in the war to demonize and undermine the very legitimacy of the Jewish state by religious organizations like World Council of Churches, diplomatic maneuvers at the United Nations, regimes like Iran, and academics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Click here to see the declaration by the protesters and the list they claim have endorsed their campaign.

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