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On the Frontlines with the SWC


 January 10, 2009

Melbourne, Australia  

New York City

London, England

BREAKING NEWS - Wiesenthal Center's Protest Helps Knock Hamas-TV off European Satellite
France takes Hamas TV off air in Europe - Eutelsat halts broadcast of Noorsat to Europe less than 24 hours after it was added to satellite network... Read more 

SWC Demands Governments Act To Protect Jews Under Attack in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Greece
Pro-Hamas demonstrations encourage violence against Jews, Jewish institutions and synagogues, while Hamas senior officials call for murder of Jewish children worldwide - Read more...

•Holocaust Survivors Slam Worldwide Pro-Hamas Campaign to Expropriate Holocaust
"CBS", "ABC Fox" and "China News" Cover emotional protest at SWC condemning comparisons of Israel’s attack of Hamas to the Nazi Holocaust and the use of Nazi images and swastikas to cast Israelis as Nazis - Read more…

UN Human Rights Council Must Investigate Hamas' Deploying of Human Shields First
Rocket launchers and other military hardware in, under and around schools, mosques, homes and shopping areas is a violation of humanitarian law - "Deutsche Press" reported from Geneva - Read more…

•"The Jews Face a Double Standard"
Why doesn't Israel have the same right to self-defense as other nations? writes Rabbi Marvin Hier in the "Wall Street Journal" - Read more…

Boycott of Jewish-Owned Stores in Rome Condemned
Prime Minister Berlusconi urged to act against those responsible for the campaign to identify and boycott Jewish-owned stores reminiscent of Mussolini’s Italy, "Haaretz" newspaper reports on SWC protest - Read more…

•Catholic Cardinal calls Gaza a "big concentration camp"
“Remarks are untrue, distort the memory of the Holocaust and are only used against Israel by terrorist organizations and Holocaust deniers," Rabbi Hier tells the "Times of London" and dozens of other media outlets - Read more...

Spanish Government Must Rebuke and Prosecute Anti-Semitic Incitement
SWC protests article which says “this entire [Gaza] extermination operation is no different than Nazi Germany” - Read more…

Argentina and Brazil Urged to Denounce Chavez’s violation of “Declaration against Anti-Semitism”
Support of Hamas, expulsion of Israel’s Ambassador, and calls for Jewish people worldwide to oppose Israel’s ‘criminal practices’ nullifies this commitment by Venezuela SWC charges - Read more

•Public Jew-Hatred and Unchallenged Anti-Semitism and Violence in Norway Must Be Condemned Demands SWC
Newest attack leaves 6 injured in Islamist protests by pro-Hamas group throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, fireworks and burning Israeli flags - Read more…