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Dear Supporter,

As a supporter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, I thank you for your efforts to help combat Holocaust denial, antisemitism, hate and terrorism. Because of this commitment to our work, we would like to invite you to become a Member of the Center’s International Leadership Council.

The International Leadership Council serves as a lead support group for the Center’s long-range, global efforts to become an even greater force in the fight against hate worldwide and is chaired by one of our most successful entertainment industry leaders and a generous Center supporter, Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The International Leadership Council is made up of exceptionally generous individuals who each year make a special ILC Membership gift of $1,800 or more. This small, select group is the vanguard of support for the Center’s international endeavors. The Council also helps to ensure the immediate and future success of the Center’s acclaimed and highly effective work by helping to conduct groundbreaking international conferences, aiding efforts to research, publish and distribute reports on the threat of hate and terrorism in the world today, and also helps sponsor the production of the Center’s original, award-winning films.

As an ILC Member, you will also be eligible for a number of impressive benefits and privileges, including VIP treatment at any of the world-class Wiesenthal Center events (click here to see full benefits).  Each time the Center hosts important events, here in the United States or abroad, you and your fellow ILC Members will be special VIP invitees.

Your support as a Member of the International Leadership Council will be truly instrumental in helping the Center effectively fulfill its aggressive global agenda. I look forward to welcoming you to the ranks of this distinguished circle of Center supporters.

Warmest Regards,

Rabbi Meyer H. May
Executive Director

P.S. I thank you in advance for accepting this invitation and expressing your generosity with a commitment that goes far beyond the ordinary.

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