Holocaust Denial Propaganda Confirms Tehran’s Commitment to Elevate Antisemitism to Statecraft

November 2, 2006


Center says announcement of Holocaust cartoon contest winners and upcoming Holocaust denial conference are part of “insidious and grotesque” anti-Jewish campaign to solidify Iran’s leadership in the Muslim world

The Simon Wiesenthal Center called yesterday’s announcement of the winners of a Holocaust Cartoon contest in Tehran another step in the Iranian regime’s “insidious and grotesque” campaign against the Jewish people.

“Tehran’s propaganda onslaught against the victims of the Holocaust and world Jewry continues unabated,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center. “The Holocaust cartoon contest and next month’s conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran confirm the Mullahs’ commitment to elevate antisemitism to statecraft in order to solidify Iran’s leadership in the Muslim world both among Sunnis and Shi’as,” he added.

“The cynical motivation behind the cartoon ‘contest’ was underscored by the fact that the winning entry incorporates the Auschwitz death camp,” said Cooper. “So even as they deny the Holocaust, Iran’s propaganda machine uses the imagery of the Shoah to demonize the Jewish state.”

“These developments, taken against the backdrop of genocidal threats made against the seven million citizens of the State of Israel, underscores the fact that we are confronted with those who deny the Holocaust ever occurred, and given the opportunity, would complete Hitler’s genocidal vision,” Rabbi Cooper concluded. 

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