Family of Suicide Bombing Victim Joins SWC Delegation in Meetings at UN With US, Russian, Indian, Singapore, and Spanish Ambassadors

Family of Suicide Bombing Victim Joins SWC Delegation in Meetings at UN With US, Russian, Indian, Singapore, and Spanish Ambassadors 

Pictured left to right: Amanda Wultz, Tuly Wultz, sister and father of Daniel Wultz, murdered by suicide bomber earlier this year during visit to Israel, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Rabbi Hier emphasized Israel’s right to deal with the unprecedented terrorist onslaught. In an emotion plea, Mr. Wultz who lost his son seven weeks ago and was himself injured, urged the UN to adopt the Center's call to designate suicide bombing a crime against humanity.

In a related development, Mark Weitzman, Director, Task Force Against Hate, expressed the condolences of the Wiesenthal Center to the recent victims of terror in Mumbai, India during a meeting with India’s ambassador to the UN, Nirupam Sen, who said his country would press for stronger measures against international terrorism.