Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon German Authorities to Open the Files of Escaped Nazi War Criminal

January 10, 2011

Jerusalem-The Simon Wiesenthal Center today called upon the German Security Service (BND) to open its files on escaped Nazi war criminals in the wake of recent revelations that the German authorities already knew of the whereabouts in Argentina of Adolf Eichmann in 1952, eight years before he was abducted by the Mossad to stand trial in Israel for his critical role in the implementation of the Final Solution. In a statement issued here by its chief Nazi-hunter, Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center noted the importance of such information, which clearly shows the utter indifference of the German authorities at that time to the necessity of bringing such key Holocaust perpetrators to justice.

According to Zuroff:
“The time has come to reveal the truth about the efforts, or lack thereof, of Germany to apprehend and bring to trial the individuals responsible for the mass murder of European Jewry and millions of other innocent victims. There is important historical research which must be done on this topic, but which cannot proceed without the opening of the pertinent archives. We call upon the BND to finally grant full access to its records and to allow the full story, as problematic as it might be, to be made known to the public. The Nazis’victims, as well as the rest of the world, deserve no less.”

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