Simon Wiesenthal Center Leaders Call on France and Germany to Lead EU in Condemning Mahmoud Abbas for Displaying Horrific Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Los Angeles; May 22, 2018 --

In a statement released today, Simon Wiesenthal Center leaders Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper have urged the governments of Germany and France to lead the European Union in condemning the weaponization of anti-Semitism by the Palestinians and their enablers in the media. The statement comes in response to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ posing for a picture that displays a horrifyingly anti-Semitic depiction of an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian baby with a milk-bottle filled with gas .

The statement reads:

“Whatever Abu Mazen’s physical ailments, his latest prank—displaying a horrific cartoon depicting an Israeli soldier gassing a Palestinian baby, shows how deep the cancer of hatred the Palestinian Authority President harbors for the Jewish State, her people and values. The validation of that cartoon by him exposes how little difference there is between the PA and Hamas. Both continue to brainwash a new generation of children that Israelis are interlopers and latter-day Nazis.

“The big lie tactics employed in the so-called marches of return, gained the Palestinians nothing of practical value, with the exception that the man in street in Turkey and elsewhere in the Middle East is convinced that Jews are baby killers, cold blooded murderers who deserve whatever terrorist or other bombing attacks on inflicted on Jews, inside in Israel and/or around the world.”

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