Wiesenthal Centre Open Letter to Chilean President on the Visit of Holocaust-Denying Antisemite Mahmoud Abbas to Santiago

Paris and Buenos Aires, 7 May                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

H.E. Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique
President of Chile


We have learned that you will be receiving this week the Holocaust denying antisemite Palestinian President, Mahmud Abbas                                                     

We understand that Chile has the largest number of citizens of Palestinian origin outside the Palestinian Territories

We are certain that the Abbas visit can only serve those who wish to transplant the Middle East conflict to Latin America, with devastating consequences for the small Jewish community

Chile has received several Palestinian officials over the last year and the aftermath of their visits have led to increasing anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activity, especially on university campuses

We call on you Mr.President, to use your meeting with Abbas to rebuke his outrageous claims that the Jews were themselves responsible for the Holocaust as money-lenders

We call on you Mr.President to warn Abbas against inciting hatred on Chilean soil

Mr.President, Abbas plans to visit the 'Palestina' football team in Santiago.

Under the Palestinian Authority, he has endorsed the naming of every football team,tournament and stadium in honour of terrorists, besmirching the beautiful game

Mr.President, Abbas has defiled his people, leading them into a swamp of terror.

Mr.President, your recent election evokes a proudly democratic Chile

Do not allow it to be touched by an autocratic hatemonger

Most respecfully

Dr.Shimon Samuels Dr. Ariel Gelblung

Director for International Relations Latin American Representative