Anti-Semitic Game is Removed following SWC Protest and Jerusalem Post Expose

March 14, 2012

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expresses satisfaction after a blatantly anti-Semitic game was removed following a protest by Simon Wiesenthal Center International Relations Director, Dr. Shimon Samuels and an expose in the Jerusalem Post.

The board game, "Settlers of Catan", was currently distributed by the Dutch VPRO media corporation. "The historic embedded anti-Semitic stereotypes combined with anti-Israel
animus are a toxic mix in much of Europe," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC associate dean.

"That it took an expose by the Jerusalem Post and a protest by the Simon Wiesenthal Center to force the removal of this blatantly anti-Semitic "game" is a reflection of a broader reality in 2012 Europe; classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, shunned in polite society after the Shoah are back in mainstream vogue. They create an especially toxic environment when combined with an anti-Israel animus. We can only hope that government, social and educational leaders across the full sprectrum of society will begin to confront resurgent anti-Semitism that finds expression from within the elite to rants at football matches," Cooper concluded.

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