Wiesenthal Center Praises Thai Authorities For The Removal Of Offensive Nazi-Theme Decor From Bangkok-Area Hotel

Wiesenthal Center Praises Thai Authorities For The Removal Of Offensive Nazi-Theme Decor From Bangkok-Area Hotel

October 15, 2018



The Simon Wiesenthal Center praised Thai authorities for removing a mural  of Adolf Hitler as well as swastika decorations from a “Nazi-themed” guest room at the Love Villa Hotel in Nonthaburi. Following a direct protest from the Wiesenthal Center to Thai political and diplomatic leaders, Mueang Nonthaburi District authorities and soldiers entered the hotel and asked for the Nazi images to be taken down. 


“The Simon Wiesenthal Center is grateful for the intervention by Thai authorities who forced the Hotel owner to remove the ‘Hitler’ motif from his hotel. It is unfortunate in 2018, that it took a protest to the Prime Minister of Thailand for the hotel owner to do the right thing,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Center’s Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action, who brought the Wiesenthal Center’s “Courage To Remember” Holocaust exhibit to Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University in 2014.

“Every day that room was it use was a desecration of the memory of the Nazi Holocaust and all those who fought and died to defeat Nazism,” Rabbi Cooper concluded.

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