Simon Wiesenthal Center Hails California Governor Brown for Signing Anti-BDS Bill

Simon Wiesenthal Center Hails California Governor Brown for Signing Anti-BDS Bill

September 25, 2016
Jerusalem, Israel

The Simon Wiesenthal Center hailed California Governor Jerry Brown for signing an anti-BDS bill which recently passed both houses of the state legislature.

"Every defeat of the global BDS movement is an investment for peace and is a powerful blow against extremists. This victory is especially meaningful as it comes from America’s leading state,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper the Associate Dean of the leading Jewish Human Rights NGO, in a statement released in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Cooper, who testified on behalf of Assemblyman Richard Bloom's Bill in Sacramento added, "More and more, BDS is being exposed as a cynical, hypocritical, anti-peace vendetta that seeks to demonize the Jewish state and all supporters of Zion. The Wiesenthal Center is committed to battle against BDS on campuses, churches, and in the halls of power,” Rabbi Cooper added.

Earlier, in a related development, Rabbi Meyer May, the SWC’s Executive Director met with senior officials of Governor Brown to urge the governor to sign the bill. Meanwhile in New York, Michael Cohen SWC Eastern Regional Director recently testified against BDS at a raucous New York City Council hearing and led the successful effort to pass anti-BDS motion in Englewood, New Jersey.
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