2017 News Releases

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PA Increases Funds for Terrorists, SWC Urges EU Member States to Join US and Israeli Initiatives in Withholding Funding

Wiesenthal Center at 23rd Anniversary Memorial of the AMIA Bombing

SWC Mourns the Passing of Martin Landau

Antisemitism of Venezuelan Regime: They Label Hebrew Graffiti Along Protest Demonstration Route as "Proof of Foreign Imperialist Military Invasion"

SWC Condemns Murder of Two Policemen on Temple Mount

Wiesenthal Center Applauds the End “Laughing Soros" Poster Campaign in Hungary

Hitler as anti-war symbol? Japanese businessman wears t-shirt with Hitler’s image on Japan Public TV

Wiesenthal Center Officials Press Undersecretary of State to Appoint New Anti-Semitism Envoy: “Failure to Fill This Position is the Wrong Signal at the Wrong Time”

UN: Terrorism from Palestinians against Israelis will be rewarded - again By Rabbi Abraham Cooper

“We are outraged at the German amalgam drawn between 6 million murdered Jews of Europe and the ‘Palestinians’”

"No other people or religion has been so maligned" SWC Tells UN’s World Heritage Committee

SWC Reporting from UNESCO's World Heritage Committee Meetings in Krakow

Time to Call Out Activists’ Anti-Semitic Bigotry HuffPost op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Wiesenthal Center Condemns Initiative to Name Kiev Streets for Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators Stefan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych

Wiesenthal Center Presses for Bi-Partisan Congressional Support for Legislation Tying Funding of Palestinian Authority to Halting Payments to Terrorists and Their Families

13th Holocaust Essay Award for Russian University Laureates: "This programme has educated a whole new generation of some 20,000 messengers and militants for tolerance and multipliers against extremism"

Wiesenthal Centre calls for "End to the Culture of Apology that Treats French Islamist Perpetrators as Psychiatric Cases Rather Than Hate-Crime Terrorists"

Simon Wiesenthal Center Remains Deeply Concerned by Senior Bank of Japan Official’s Statement Praising Hitler’s Economic Policies

SWC Condolences on the Passing of Simone Veil

SWC: Stop PA Payments to Terrorists

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