2017 News Releases

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SWC: Combat Surging Anti-Semitism with Taskforce

Wiesenthal Centre to French Justice Minister: “Does the Jewish Victim Have to Die for the Crime to be Considered Antisemitic?”

In Wake of Hyde Park JCC Bomb Threat, Simon Wiesenthal Center reiterates call to Attorney General Sessions for Special Taskforce

Simon Wiesenthal Center Urges Attorney General Sessions to Set Up Special Taskforce to Catch Culprits Who Threatened Bombing of Scores of Jewish Community Centers

Wiesenthal Center- Other Universities Should Follow British University’s Cancellation of “Israel Apartheid Week”

Mein Kampf at the Casablanca Book Fair: From Goodwill to Infiltration?

Wiesenthal Center's Chief Nazi Hunter & Director of Eastern European Affairs Awarded Gold Medal by Serbian President Nikolic

Four things that must change for any Middle East peace plan to work | Fox News op-ed by Rabbis Marvin Hier & Abraham Cooper

SWC Reacts to Anti-Israel Editorial Cartoon in UCLA Newspaper

SWC: End UN and EU Funding of EU Gaza HAMAS-Managed Hospital that Posts Link to "Protocols of Zion"

Simon Wiesenthal Center Statement on Decision by Four NFL Players to Drop out of Israel Trip

SWC: Hitler Valentine’s Day Cards at Michigan College; “Enough is enough. Jew-haters must be held accountable!”

SWC: Two Attacks in 24 Hrs; Proof Terrorism - Not Settlements - Remains Main Obstacle to Peace

Under the Camouflage of Sport, the German Government Has Announced Funding for the Glamorization of Jew Killer

Wiesenthal Centre to Jeff Bezos: “Amazon Germany's Promotion of “The Rothschild Family Controls the World” is an Outrage.”

Baroness Jenny Tonge Embraces History’s Oldest Hate: How Can We Overcome Her Anti-Semitism? HuffPost op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

It's not just Trump, Europe forgets the Holocaust's Jewish victims By Rabbi Abraham Cooper & Dr. Harold Brackman

Simon Wiesenthal Center to EU: It’s Not ‘The Settlements’- Two State Solution Will Only Viable When Largest Donor to PA Stops Financial and Moral Blank Checks and Helps Free Gazans from Genocidal Hamas

Simon Wiesenthal Centre issues 12th Annual Interfaith Calendar: “Every Day a Celebration Day”

Simon Wiesenthal Center Reiterates: There Should Be No Blanket US Ban on Any Religious, National, or Ethnic Group

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