2017 News Releases

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Wiesenthal Center Urges Ukrainian Authorities to Take Action Against General Who Threatened to Murder Jews

Wiesenthal Center Calls Trump Staffer Claim that Western Wall is not Israel’s Territory, “Utterly Preposterous”

Wiesenthal Centre Exposes Coca-Cola "Palestine " Map, Obliterates Israel

Cookies for Barghouti; Crumbs for Palestinian people -Jewish Journal op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman

Simon Wiesenthal Center Denounces Unanimous Belgian Anti-Shechita Vote: Jews Have Effectively Been Told to Leave

SWC Outraged by White House Staffer Seeking Meeting With Leading Anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan

Despite UNESCO's bias, Jews won't abandon Israel's holy Jewish sites - The HIll op-ed by Rabbis Abraham Cooper & Yitzchok Adlerstein

UNESCO – The Road to the Abyss - Times of Israel op-ed by Shimon Samuels

Wiesenthal Centre Joins Palestinian Media Watch Complaint: “Kick Terror Out of Football!”

Watch Rabbi Hier light Yom Ha'atzmaut Torch in Israel

A Palestino-European Union Resolution at UNESCO - Times of Israel op-ed by Shimon Samuels

SWC Remembers: Holocaust Remembrance Week

Act on Syria to Remember the Holocaust - by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Rabbi Lau's Yom Hashoah lesson: Do not stand idly by while others-even your enemies-bleed - FOX News op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Yevtushenko and Sharansky: Two People Whose Humanity Shook the Soviet Empire HuffPost op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

'Today, the biggest problem is one of distortion' Arutz Sheva speaks to historian and Nazi hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff about current attempts to distort the narrative of the Holocaust.

Commemorate Yom Hashoah with the SWC

Happy 100th Birthday to Livia Shachter

Poisoning the UNESCO Executive Board: Egypt's Representative and The Protocols of Zion

The Real Danger: Holocaust Distortion - JPost op-ed by Efraim Zuroff

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