2017 News Releases

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Top French News Agency Apologizes to Jewish Human Rights Group Over Map Excluding Israel

Wiesenthal Centre at Herzliya Conference

Haunting image of Otto Warmbier demands action against North Korea :: The HIll op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Wiesenthal Center Insists: "Argentine Judges Must Not Grant Impunity to Alleged Neo-Nazis for Racist Crimes"

JBS TV interview with Dr. Efraim Zuroff on the recent discovery of Nazi artifacts in Argentina, prosecution of Nazi War Criminals and more

SWC Denounces Banning of Star of David LGBTQ Flags at ‘Dyke March’ in Chicago

Wiesenthal Center Seeks Survivors From Stutthof Concentration Camp and First-Degree Relatives of Victims of the Camp

SWC to UNESCO: Condemn ISIS' Destruction of Historic Mosque in Mosul Instead of Voting on Palestinians’ Phony Resolution

Wiesenthal Center at Organization of American States (OAS)

Full Justice Requires Punishment - JPost op-ed by Efraim Zuroff

How the documentary “Chosen and Excluded – The Hate for Jews in Europe” was chosen to be excluded from the German-French Network By Abraham Cooper and Manfred Gerstenfeld*

Wiesenthal Center Award to Mexican Diplomat Andres Roemer

Wiesenthal Centre Calls on Cracow Chairperson for the July UNESCO World Heritage Committee to Take Measures to Prevent Palestinian Theft of Cave of the Patriarchs

Wiesenthal Centre to European Parliament: “Screen Arte Film in the Parliament Chamber to Prove its Rejectionist Arguments are in Violation of Your Newly Adopted Definition of Antisemitism”

SWC Condemns Jerusalem Terrorist Attack: It’s Terrorism not Settlements that Stands in the Way of Peace

Illinois Mobilizes Against Hate: Wiesenthal Center Press Briefing With Government and Community Leaders on Recently Passed Landmark Anti-Hate Crimes Bills

SWC Briefs Scotland Yard Over Terrorist's Hijacking of Social Media

Wiesenthal Center denounces campaign of incitement to hatred by the Palestinian Federation of Chile

“People, Book, Land” Exhibition Opens in Santiago, Chile

Celebrating 50 Years of Religious Freedom

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