2015 News Releases

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Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Conviction of Auschwitz "Accountant" Oscar Groening; Calls Upon German Authorities to Expedite Cases of Death Camp and Einsatzgruppen Operatives

SWC Fears Iran Deal Could be Another 'Munich'

Wiesenthal Center Commends CA State Assembly for Resolution Urging Universities to Condemn Wave of Campus Anti-Semitism

Palestinian Perfidy at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee: A direct assault on the core of Judaism 'Jewish Journal op-ed by Shimon Samuels

SWC Applauds Congressional Effort to Spur Greater Actions by Governments to Counter Raging Anti-Semitism in Europe

SWC: President Obama Should Denounce Al Quds Day Marches in Iran Where Millions Chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’

Wiesenthal Center Participates in UN High-Level Srebrenica Commemoration, urges “Active and Accurate Remembering as a Key to Genocide Prevention Today”

Wiesenthal Center Urges Samsung and Chiel Industries to Denounce Anti-Semitic Stereotypes Used in Debate Over Possible Merger

Wiesenthal Centre Europe: A Statement on European Parliament Briefing

Egyptian Justice Minister Invokes Antisemitic Tropes to Damn Terrorists Behind Cairo Bombing "Algemeiner" op-ed by Shimon Samuels

Heavy-duty fatigue for Paris police "Financial Times" interview with Shimon Samuels

SWC World News Roundup: Greek Anti-Semites; Polish Museum Exhibit; UCC Vote & more

UNESCO Receives 11th Annual Wiesenthal Centre/Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance/Russian Holocaust Centre Essay Laureates

Wiesenthal Centre to Egyptian President: "New Justice Minister Must Apologize for Anti-Semitic Offense"

Urgent Plea to UC Regents: Help our Students on UC Campuses by signing petition

Wiesenthal Center: United Church of Christ Vote to Delegitimize Israel Only Coddles Terrorism

Statement of Solidarity by the Jewish Community over Charleston Church Shootings

Watch former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren interviewed live via streaming webcast from the Museum of Tolerance

Jewish Concerns at the Organization of American States "Times of Israel" op-ed by Shimon Samuels

Wiesenthal Centre Expresses Horror at Gruesome Attack on U.S. Company

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