2014 News Releases

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Chile President Misrepresented by Regional Government Official at Gaza Solidarity Rally Claiming “President Bachelet Supports the Palestinian Cause”

Erdogan’s anti-Semitism - JPost op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Hungarian Diplomat to Wiesenthal Center: Anti-Semitic Writer will not Become Budapest's Ambassador to Italy

Wiesenthal Center Urges Obama Administration to take all Necessary Steps to Block North Korean Missiles from Reinforcing Hamas

Wiesenthal Centre to Mayor of The Hague, "Your Authorization of ISIS Gathering May Have Violated The Netherlands' Anti-Terrorism Legislation"

Wiesenthal Centre Protest to Dutch Prime Minister: Yesterday's Second ISIS Rally in the Hague called for "Dirty Jews from the Sewers to be Killed"

Europe today: A First-Person account by Paris-based, SWC Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels

Israel unrest: Anti-Semitic attacks rise as Gaza conflict continues FOXNEWS op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Coope

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Death of Auschwitz Guard Breyer Should Not Halt or Discourage Ongoing Efforts to Prosecute Holocaust Perpetrators

Wiesenthal Center To Japanese Media: We Mourn the Death of all Innocents-But Their Blood is on the Hands of Hamas, Not Israel

How Many Times Is Enough? Jerusalem Post op-ed by Rabbi Marvin Hier

Wiesenthal Center Represented at 20th Anniversary Commemoration of AMIA Bombing

Mobs scream, "Death to the Jews" in Paris, violent calls on German streets, "Jews to the Gas", Travel advisory to Turkey & more

Simon Wiesenthal Center to Chancellor Merkel: Violent calls on German Streets 'Jews to the Gas' Defile Memory of the Shoah, makes Mockery of Anti-Nazi Laws

Wiesenthal Center Says "Nobel Laureates Make Mistakes" After Archbishop Tutu, Alice Walker and Others Call for Embargo Against Israel

Wiesenthal Centre to French President "Just as Hamas rockets over Israeli cities are unacceptable, the radical Islamist threat to normal life in French cities is intolerable"

Wiesenthal Center Urges NATO Chief and Member States to Denounce Turkish PM's Anti-Semitic Rant

Wiesenthal Center Issues Travel Advisory for Turkey

French PM cancels pro-Hamas rally following protest by SWC and others, Anti-Israel protests explode around the globe

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Washington Post Cartoon Showing Israel Leader Repeatedly Punching an Infant

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