2014 News Releases

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Simon Wiesenthal Center Denounces Depiction of Israeli Leaders in Nazi Uniforms On Israeli Facebook Posting

Wiesenthal Center Calls on Latin American Parliament: Condemn Venezuelan MP’s Anti-Semitic Statements on Hizbollah’s Al Manar TV

Wiesenthal Centre to new EU Foreign Minister: “Investigate military nuclear technology violations of sanctions regime as condition for any further talks with Iran”

Letter to Japan: Why we mourn, what we lost 'Jewish Journal' op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Jerusalem synagogue attack: Palestinian terrorists threaten to plunge Holy Land into abyss - FOX News op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

In Wake of Savage Murderous Attack Against Jews Praying in Jerusalem Synagogue: SWC Calls on US and EU to Suspend PA Funding Until Incitement To Murder Jews has Ended - **Read related 'Wall Street Journal' story

Rabbi Abraham Cooper: When will Europe stand up for the Jews? Read "National Post" op-ed

SWC Lauds US Ambassador Samantha Power's rebuke of European Inaction on Anti-Semitism at Berlin 57 Member-State OSCE International Conference

Wiesenthal Center Urges Union of South American Nations – UNASUR – to Confront Hizbollah Activity in the Region

Wiesenthal Centre Commends Canadian Supreme Court Rejection of 1980 Copernic Synagogue Bomber Suspect's Appeal against Extradition

Simon Wiesenthal Center Urges German Foreign Minister to Instruct his Ambassador to the Netherlands not to Attend a Memorial that Includes 3,000 Members of the Waffen SS

BREAKING: Simon Wiesenthal Center denounces the continuing Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Gush Etzion

On Kristallnacht Anniversary: Iran’s Ayatollah Releases Nine-Point Program for the Destruction of the Jewish State

NEWS ALERT: Abbas' Incitement and Hamas’ Praise of Murderous Attacks Prove Current PA Unity Government an Unfit “Peace” Partner

Wiesenthal Centre to Spanish Popular Party: “Expel Adolf Hitler Impersonator and Nazi-Saluting Officials”

Wiesenthal Centre to Canadian Justice Minister: "Extradite 1980 Copernic Synagogue Bombing Suspect to a French Court Without Delay"

Wiesenthal Center Expresses Satisfaction at Arrest of Hezbollah Suspect in Peru

**UPDATE** Rabbi Marvin Hier Calls on President Obama - "Name, Apologize for and Repudiate" Anonymous Official

Holocaust perpetrators on the dole in the US? JPost op-ed by Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Wiesenthal Center Calls on Former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva to Publicly Apologize for Associating Opposition Candidate Aecio Neves’ Campaign with Nazism

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