2014 News Releases

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An eruption in Paris: ‘Jew, France is not yours!’

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Scandinavian Medical Groups Seeking Ban on Jewish Ritual Circumcision Disrespecting a Core Jewish Rite Serves to Delegitimize Jews and Judaism

Every Day is Holocaust Remembrance Day

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Chile Football Federation Penalty for Club Palestino Hatemongering

UNESCO to SWC: "Exhibition will Open June 11, 2014" - Major Victory over Arab Group at UNESCO

Dr. Shimon Samuels: Unesco: a vessel for erasing Jewish history

SWC Awaits Written Confirmation of UNESCO's Committment to Open Exhibition in June Following Cancellation Due to Arab Group Protest

UNESCO: a vessel for erasing Jewish history

UNESCO Jewish exhibit delayed for 6 months - Read AP story

Wiesenthal Center Hails Scarlett Johannson for Standing Up to Anti-Israel Boycotters

Wiesenthal Center Outraged at Anti-Semitic Poster Campaign Throughout Oakland, California

Wiesenthal Center Supports Protest of Hungarian Jewish Community Against Distortion of Holocaust Crimes by Hungarian Historical Institute

AFP: Jewish group slams 'outrageous' UNESCO show postponement

SWC Welcomes U.S. Statement Condemning UNESCO'S Abrupt Cancellation of Co-Organized Exhibition

BREAKING NEWS: Outrage Builds as UNESCO Cancels SWC Exhibit Due to Official Arab Protest

Simon Wiesenthal Center Paris Protest Against Last Minute UNESCO Cancellation of 'Holy Land' Exhibition

Two inconvenient truths for Kerry - "Times of Israel" op-ed by Rabbis Marvin Hier & Abraham Cooper

From Nazi War Criminals to Today's Anti-Semites - SWC Continues to Make an Impact

Ariel Sharon -- fearless warrior leaves complicated political legacy FOX NEWS op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Simon Wiesenthal Center Mourns the Death of Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

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