2014 News Releases

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Wiesenthal Center Israel Director Leads Protest Vigil at Lithuanian Neo-Nazi/Extreme Right March

Following Wiesenthal Center Protest, a Conference that Described Eva Braun, Hitler’s Mistress, as a “Great Woman”, has been Cancelled

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers address on Iran at Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Hungarian Government’s Attempt to Intimidate Jewish Community; Protests to Hungarian Ambassador in Washington

Fifth Annual Wiesenthal Centre Report on Antisemitism at the Casablanca Book Fair (SIEL)

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Ukrainian Government Must Ensure Rights, Safety of Jews and other Minorities

Wiesenthal Center to Arizona Governor: Veto Gay Discrimination Bill

The Hunt for Nazi Holocaust Criminals Must Go On, No Matter Their Age :: Read "International Business Times" op-ed by Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Wiesenthal Center Expresses Shock and Deep Concern Over Mass Desecrations of The Diary of Anne Frank in Japanese Libraries

Wiesenthal Center Leads Protest Against Lithuanian Extreme-Right March

Wiesenthal Center Welcomes German Police Action Against Nine Suspected Auschwitz Guards

Wiesenthal Center Commends San Francisco State University for Action Taken Against Student Group Leader for Posting Threats Against Jews

Why is US church sending Jews to the trash-heap of history? By Rabbis Abraham Cooper & Yitzchok Adlerstein - FoxNews.com

Wiesenthal Centre to African Union: "We are appalled at criminalisation and violence against gays across Africa"

Wiesenthal Center Endorses UN Report on North Korea

SWC Blasts British Photographer Rankin for ‘Ludicrously Uninformed’ and ‘Downright Anti-Semitic’ Comments

SWC Urges Dutch Deputy PM to Launch Probe of Spike in Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Attitudes

Wiesenthal Centre to Hungarian Prime Minister: "We Endorse MAZSIHISZ JewishFederation's Decision to Stay Away from Government-Sponsored 2014 Holocaust Commemoration Programme

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Presbyterian’s “Zionism Unsettled” - Theological Twin of UN’s Infamous 'Zionism is Racism' Resolution

From ScarJo to UNESCO: Confronting the holy war against lovers of Zion :: Read JPost op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

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