2014 News Releases

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Wiesenthal Centre to Hungarian Prime Minister:" 'Hungarian Holocaust Day' is an Identity Theft of the Jewish Narrative"

Wiesenthal Centre to President of Kazakhstan: "Star House Nationalist Magazine Extolling Adolf Hitler Violates Membership Responsibilities to OSCE"

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Newly Sainted Popes are Heroes to the Jewish People

US Ambassador To SWC: Flyers Demanding Jews Register Property "Clearly Part of General Effort to Sow Fear Among Ukrainian Jews"

Wiesenthal Center Statement on the Shootings at Kansas City Jewish Facilities

What's really holding up Middle East peace :: Read FOX News op-ed by Rabbis Abraham Cooper and Yitzchok Adlerstein

Prominent Architect Richard Meier Supports Wiesenthal Center Campaign

SWC Lone Dissenting Voice at UN Palestinian Solidarity Event: “Business as Usual: No Condemnation of Hamas Terror; Israel Alone Blamed for Failure of Talks”

SWC Book on Holocaust Hero Raoul Wallenberg Donated to Japanese Libraries Following Spate of Desecrations of Anne Frank’s Diary in Tokyo

Wiesenthal Center Mourns the Passing Today of Courageous Leader of Lithuanian Jewish Community

Wiesenthal Center to Chile Authorities: Investigate “Nazi Art School” named for Dictator Augusto Pinochet

Wiesenthal Centre to International Union of Architects: “Reject British Architects Union (RIBA) Campaign to Suspend Israel”

Wiesenthal Center: Prime Minister Abe's Words at Anne Frank House

Simon Wiesenthal Center Denounces Loyola (Chicago) Student Vote Endorsing Anti-Israel Boycott

Baltic marches to a dangerous drum :: read Jerusalem Post op-ed by Efraim Zuroff

Four Things President Obama Should Tell Mahmoud Abbas :: Read "FOX NEWS" op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

SWC: YMCA International Must Denounce Norway YMCA Plan to Boycott Israel

Vilnius, March 11: my date with raw hate By Efraim Zuroff

Wiesenthal Center: Reports that Suspect in Anne Frank Diary Desecrations was Motivated by Lie Spread by Holocaust Deniers and Neo-Nazis

"Every Day A Celebration Day" : The Eight Annual Simon Wiesenthal Interfaith Calendar

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