2013 News Releases

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Syria: Winners and Losers - Watch Interview with Middle East Expert
Date: 7/26/2013

Wiesenthal Center Urges OAS to Match European Union in Designating a List of Banned Terrorist Organizations to include Hizbollah – Already a Present Danger in the Americas
Date: 7/26/2013

Wiesenthal Center: By Floating a Pig Balloon Stamped With Star of David at His Concert, Roger Waters Has Moved to the Front of the Line of Anti-Semites
Date: 7/24/2013

Under the Slogan "Late But Not Too Late," the Wiesenthal Center Launches a Publicity Campaign in Germany for Operation Last Chance II
Date: 7/22/2013

Wiesenthal Centre to World Trade Organisation "Condemn EU for Discriminatory and Anti Free-Trade Measures Against your Member State, Israel"
Date: 7/19/2013

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Rolling Stone for Boston Terrorist Cover
Date: 7/17/2013

ACT NOW: Protest Proposed Appointment of a Leading Anti-Israel, Anti Free-Speech Student to UC Regents
Date: 7/15/2013

As Top University Bestows Honorary Doctorate on Thailand's Princess, Some Celebrate Graduation With 'Seig Heil' at 'Superhero' Mural
Date: 7/12/2013

Egypt: Failed State or Saved Nation? Watch Interview with Middle East Expert Ehud Yaari
Date: 7/11/2013

Wiesenthal Center Protests Anti-Semitic Rhetoric from Turkish Politicians
Date: 7/10/2013

Alice Walker: Color Her Hypocritical - By Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Dr. Harold Brackman
Date: 7/8/2013

Wiesenthal Centre to International Pharmaceutical Federation: “Vigorously Condemn France-Palestine Solidarity Boycott Campaign against TEVA-Pharma Generic Producer.”
Date: 7/4/2013

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Commemoration of Limbazi, Latvia Liberation in 1941 to be Held Tomorrow
Date: 7/3/2013

Wiesenthal Center Outraged at Argentine Decision to Prevent Jewish Center Bombing Prosecutor From Testifying at US Congressional Hearing
Date: 7/3/2013

Simon Wiesenthal Center Urges Germans to Protest Anti-Semitic Depiction of Israel in Leading Newspaper
Date: 7/2/2013

Ed Royce, Liberator of Dachau Concentration Camp to be Honored at Museum of Tolerance by the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Monday, July 1, 2013
Date: 6/28/2013

Simon Wiesenthal Center Protests French Museum Exhibition Celebrating Palestinian Suicide Terrorism
Date: 6/27/2013

Palestine Hijacks UNESCO World Heritage Meet — New Arab Campaign on Jerusalem
Date: 6/24/2013

SWC Attends Knesset Briefing on Textbooks in UNRWA-funded schools in Palestinian territories - None show map of Israel
Date: 6/24/2013

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Alice Walker’s ‘Hysterical’ Revisionism
Amongst other claims, asserts Israel will one day attack U.S.
Date: 6/19/2013

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