2012 News Releases

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ACT NOW - Demand Hungary Bring Nazi War Criminal Laszlo Csatary to Justice
Date: 7/17/2012

Israel Excluded from Global Counterterrorism Forum - Read U.S. State Department Briefings
Date: 7/16/2012

Wiesenthal Center Submits New Evidence of Crimes by Most Wanted Suspect Laszlo Csatary and Urges Hungarian Prosecutors to Put the Former Senior Police Officer on Trial in Budapest
Date: 7/16/2012

SWC Protests to Secretary Clinton over Israel's Blatant Omission from Prestigious Global Counterterrorism Forum
Date: 7/12/2012

Wiesenthal Center Commends National Geographic Society for Removing Misleading Video About Israel from Website
Date: 7/10/2012

Simon Wiesenthal Center: PCUSA Boycott Vote Helps No One in Middle East; Spate of Anti-Israel Initiatives Harm Interfaith Relations
Date: 7/6/2012

Simon Wiesenthal Center Urges Chancellor Merkel, Bundestag To Restore Rights Of Jews And Muslims To Perform Circumcisions
Date: 7/5/2012

Wiesenthal Centre to Arab World Institute of Paris and French Ambassador to UNESCO : "Restore Prize Cancelled due to Hamas Pressure"
Date: 7/4/2012

SWC Mourns the Passing of Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir
Date: 7/1/2012

Wiesenthal Centre Outraged at World Heritage Committee Vote for Palestinian Heritage over "The Birthplace of Jesus, Church of the Nativity, the Pilgrimage Route, Bethlehem"
Date: 6/29/2012

Wiesenthal Centre to French Foreign Minister: "We are Outraged that France intends to Vote for Palestinian Heritage over Bethlehem Church of Nativity"
Date: 6/28/2012

Wiesenthal Centre to World Heritage Committee:Acknowledge World Jewish Heritage Sites from Diaspora to the Holy Land"
Date: 6/27/2012

European Anti-Semitic Hate Protested, Racist Polish Priest, Meeting with Israeli PM, Euro 2012, & More...
Date: 6/26/2012

Tehran's Newest Anti-Semitic Rant: Zionists and The Talmud Use Global Drug Trafficking to Destroy Non-Jews
Date: 6/26/2012

SWC to World Bank President:"Investigate Alleged Meeting of your Vice-President for Middle East in Gaza with Hamas Terrorist Leadership"
Date: 6/25/2012

Palestinian Official Statement to Rio+20 Repeats Rejectionist Mantra to Hijack UN Environmental Conference: Peace Negotiations are Not in Their Agenda
Date: 6/22/2012

Wiesenthal Center Outrage at Announcement that Indicted Terrorist Accomplice in AMIA Bombing Presents Candidacy for 2013 Iranian Presidential Elections
Date: 6/21/2012

Europe's Resurgent Extremist Movements: Read New SWC Country-By-Country Report Now
Date: 6/19/2012

SWC Alerts Brazilian Government: “Detain for Extradition any INTERPOL Sought Iranians Implicated in the AMIA Jewish Center Bombing Likely to Join Ahmadinejad Delegation at Rio+20 Summit
Date: 6/15/2012

Wiesenthal Center Presses Norwegian Authorities to Take Action against Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Following Firebrand Attack on Israeli-Norwegian Teen
Date: 6/12/2012

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