2012 News Releases

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SWC Urges London School of Economics and National Union of Students to Take Action Against Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks
Le Centre Simon Wiesenthal à la London School of Economics et à l'Union national des étudiants : "Votre passivité est le ferment du racisme parmi les étudiants"
Date: 1/18/2012

Wiesenthal Center: US, Quartet Should Demand Abbas Fire PA Mufti for Inciting Muslims to Kill Jews
Date: 1/15/2012

Don't rehabilitate the guilty
Read Haarez op-ed by SWC's Efraim Zuroff
Date: 1/13/2012

Wiesenthal Center Slams Nicaraguan President Ortega for His Reckless Remarks about Israel
El Centro Wiesenthal critica enérgicamente los comentarios temerarios del presidente nicaragüense acerca de Israel
Date: 1/12/2012

::UPDATE:: Rev. Keith Hudson, Father of Singer Katy Perry Apologizes for his Anti-Semitic Remarks -- Wiesenthal Center Statement on Anti-Semitic Remarks by Father of Singer Katy Perry
Date: 1/10/2012

Wiesenthal Center: As Muslim Brotherhood Ascends to Power, Their First Move is to Curb Religious Freedom for Jews
Date: 1/10/2012

SWC Calls on Ahmadinejad’s Hosts in Name of Latin American Solidarity: “Demand Extradition of Iranians Implicated in Argentine Jewish Center Bombing”
Date: 1/9/2012

Wiesenthal Center: EU Ambassador Ušackes’ Reply Only Further Insults Holocaust Victims in Lithuania
Date: 1/9/2012

eResponse: Glorifying Hitler, Cemetery Desecration, Anti-Semitism on Facebook, Nazi Memorial & More
Date: 1/5/2012

SWC to Spain's Foreign Minister: "Stop Spanish Funds to Palestinian Youth Magazine that Glorifies Hitler"
Date: 1/5/2012

Nazi memorial in Croatia a disgrace to Europe
Read "Jerusalem Post" op-ed by SWC's Efraim Zuroff
Date: 1/4/2012

SWC Urges Chilean Congressional Leadership to Condemn Politicians' Anti-Semitic Diatribes Following Massive Forest Fires
El Centro Wiesenthal solicita a los Presidentes de ambas Cámaras del Congreso de Chile que condenen diatribas de sus miembros, violatorias de la Declaración contra el Antisemitismo del Parlamento Latinoamericano
Date: 1/4/2012

Wiesenthal Center to V-TV: Pull the Plug on Host who says Israel does not "Deserve to Exist"
Date: 1/4/2012

Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon Lithuanian EU Ambassador to Afghanistan Ušackas to Apologize for Grossly Insensitive Comments On Nazi Occupation of Lithuania
Date: 1/2/2012

SWC Condemns the Donning of “Jude” Yellow Stars by Protesters in Jerusalem – “A Desecration of the Memory of Victims of the Holocaust"
Date: 1/1/2012
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