2011 News Releases

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Wiesenthal Center Praises White House for Boycotting Commemoration of Infamous Durban Conference
El Centro Wiesenthal elogia la decisión de la Casa Blanca de retirarse de la conmemoración de la infame Conferencia de Durban
Date: 6/1/2011

Wiesenthal Centre Commends Argentine Foreign Minister’s Intervention Leading to Expulsion of Iran Defense Minister During His Visit to Bolivia
Date: 6/1/2011

Wiesenthal Center Calls on OAS to Denounce Venezuelan National Radio Endorsement of Anti-Semitic Protocols of Zion
Date: 5/29/2011

SWC: Oppose Neo-Nazi Candidate in Buenos Aires Election
Date: 5/27/2011

AIPAC 2011
Date: 5/24/2011

Speech by PM Netanyahu to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress
Date: 5/24/2011

From Arab Spring Facebook to the Obama-Netanyahu Faceoff — What’s a President to Do?
Read FOX News Op-Ed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper
Date: 5/23/2011

Wiesenthal Centre to International Handball Federation President: "Keep Hate Out of Handball by Keeping the 2011 European Handball Championship Out Of Sweden"
Reminder: SWC Travel Advisory to Sweden Still in Effect
Date: 5/23/2011

Wojtyła’s Pontificate on display at the Museum of Tolerance
Read article in L'Osservatore Romano - Vatican
Date: 5/23/2011

True Heroes For Our Time and Beyond
Read "Huffington Post" op-ed by Rabbis Abraham Cooper and Yitzchok Adlerstein
Date: 5/21/2011

SWC: Israel Should Reject a Return to 1967 'Auschwitz' Borders
Date: 5/19/2011

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Von Trier Should Win Cannes’ ‘Bigot of the Year’ Award
Date: 5/18/2011

Wiesenthal Centre to Belgium Acting Prime Minister: "Remove Justice Minister for Endorsement of Genocide and Contempt for the Concept of Justice"
Date: 5/17/2011

SWC to UN Human Rights High Commissioner; "Convene Immediate Emergency Council Session to End Ugandan Persecution of Homosexuals"
Date: 5/12/2011

UPDATED Breaking News: Demjanjuk Free Pending Appeal an Insult to His Victims and Survivors
Date: 5/12/2011

Demjanjuk Attorney: “Former guard suffered as much as the Jews did at the hands of Nazis.”
Date: 5/11/2011

SWC Urges Severe Punishment for Violent Antisemitic Attack against Rabbi in Buenos Aires
Date: 5/10/2011

SWC Urges US and EU to Demand that Egypt’s Interim Government Protect Coptic Christians
Date: 5/9/2011

The pope and the terrorist
Read op-ed in "Ynet" by Shimon Samuels
Date: 5/9/2011

Wiesenthal Centre to Swedish Justice Minister: "Investigate Terrorist Hijacker's Stockholm Lecture Tour"
Date: 5/9/2011

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