2011 News Releases

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Dutch Government Urged to Intervene on Nazi War Criminals with Berlin
Date: 9/6/2011

Nivea Adds 'Israel' Back to it's Listing of Countries on its Website After SWC and Others Protest
Date: 9/6/2011

SWC Condemns Vandalism of West Bank Mosque
Date: 9/6/2011

Wiesenthal Center Expresses Deep Frustration in Wake of Death of Accused Nazi War Criminal Dr. Sandor Kepiro Prior to Pending Appeal
Date: 9/3/2011

"Welcome to the Palestine Authority" Automatic SMS Message Removed after SWC Protest
Date: 9/2/2011

**BREAKING: GERMANY WITHDRAWS FROM DURBAN III ** SWC Commends Austria for Pulling out of Durban III; Urges Berlin to Join Growing Boycott
Date: 8/31/2011

SWC Commends Proposed UN Transparency Act: "Would help US leverage massive financial support for UN to better serve human rights"
Date: 8/30/2011

Read eResponse - August 2011
Date: 8/25/2011

SWC Campus Outreach Receives Jewish Community Foundation Awards in Cutting Edge Grants
Date: 8/25/2011

Delta Air/Saudi Controversy: After Meeting at SWC, Delta Formally Declares: “We will not request … religious affiliation”
Date: 8/22/2011

Analysis: Palestinian Terror Attacks in Southern Israel
Date: 8/18/2011

SWC Condemns Terror Attacks in Southern Israel; Urges UN Members to Vote against Unilateral Palestinian State
Lea mas en Español: El Centro Simon Wiesenthal condena los ataques terroristas en el sur de Israel
Date: 8/18/2011

Syria, Mubarak, Hezbollah's Worries, and Sinai - Watch renowned Middle East Expert Ehud Yaari on these subjects and more
Date: 8/16/2011

Abrahamic Faiths Mocked By Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Canards- Read Rabbi Cooper's Huffington Post op-ed
Date: 8/15/2011

FSWC Condemns Anti-Semitic Graffiti at Hebrew Day School in Toronto
Date: 8/5/2011

Against Backdrop of New White House Report on Countering Domestic Extremist Violence, SWC Urges YouTube to Remove All Bomb-Making Related Videos
Date: 8/4/2011

Wiesenthal Centre Calls on Uruguay to Expel Iranian Diplomat
Lea mas en Español: El Centro Wiesenthal urge a Uruguay a expulsar a diplomático iraní
Date: 8/3/2011

Welcome to the Era of the 'Lone Wolf' read Rabbi Cooper's FOX NEWS op-ed
Date: 7/28/2011

Bishop of Norway to SWC: "We are a Nation in Mourning"
Date: 7/27/2011

Land authority accuses Islamic Movement of planting fake graves in Jerusalem
Date: 7/26/2011

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